“Velkommen til Oslofjorden!”

This is how you will probably be greeted in June 2016 when we will gather at the Oslofjord Convention Centre in Melsomvik, Norway, for the 15th European Guide and Scout Conference (15egsc) and the concurrently held 15th European Guide Conference (15egc) and 22nd European Scout Conference (22esc).

Our hosts, the Speidernes fellesorganisasjon (SPF, the Guides and Scouts of Norway) and their two member associations, Norges speiderforbund and Norges KFUK-KFUM-speidere, have been very busy for the best part of the last 15 months in preparing an excellent set-up, which will no doubt allow you and some 400 other participants, as representatives of more than 2 million Guides and Scouts across Europe, to receive reports on action undertaken in the European Regions of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) and the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) over the past three years.

The Conference will also be the place where we will discuss and agree on priorities of the Regional Plans containing the activities, objectives and evaluation criteria for the next Triennium.

As delegates to the 22nd European Scout Conference or to the 15th European Guide Conference, you will be electing six volunteer members to each of the two Regional Committees who will be responsible for the implementation of the actions identified in the Regional Plans.

And last but not least, during the 15th European Guide and Scout Conference you will select which association will be hosting the 16th European Guide and Scout Conference, which is scheduled to take place in 2019.

As we get closer to the Conferences, we hope that you will take the time within your association to prepare yourself as well as other members of your association so that we may base our decisions on well-reflected arguments made during informed discussions.

The information contained in this jointly managed website will give you all relevant details, from official Conference documentation to accommodation and travel information, and from information about various programme elements to details about the registration process.

The Joint Planning and Host Teams will regularly update the website, as we get closer to the event. In the meantime, we invite you to closely follow updates and other relevant information communicated through the Conference’s social media channels on Facebook and on Twitter.

The members of the outgoing European Regional Committees of WAGGGS and WOSM as well as the staff of the two Regional Offices very much look forward to welcoming you at the 15th European Guide and Scout Conference at the Oslofjord Convention Centre in Melsomvik (NO) from 17-21 June 2016.

Europe Region WAGGGS & European Region of WOSM